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How to use NovoChat

Set Up Channels

Get started with WhatsApp

Get started with Messenger

Get started with LINE

Get started with Telegram

Get started with Live Chat


Broadcast messages

Automated messages

Multi-Channel inbox

Widget Customization & Installation


Dashboard: Agent & Inbox Metrics


Invite Users

Business Hours & Auto-Reply

Template Messages

Deleting Workspace


WhatsApp connection issue

Missing messages in inbox

Stuck uploading CSV file

Contacts inaccurately imported after CSV upload

Need more template messages

WhatsApp native app could not link after scanning the QR code

Purchase A Virtual WhatsApp Number

Chat Button

Deleting Multiple Contacts

Export Contacts

Broadcast Status Report


Slack Integration

Easystore Integration

Shopify Integration

Broadcast Questions

How can I send bulk message on WhatsApp?

How can I send bulk messages via Telegram or Messenger?

How do I send bulk messages to new recipients?

What is WhatsApp Number used in NovoChat for broadcast feature?

How do I use my own WhatsApp number for Broadcast?

Will I get banned from broadcasting?

Best practices to reduce getting banned on WhatsApp Broadcast

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