<aside> 💡 Follow this step-by-step guide to customize your widget from selecting to editing a channel as well as brush up your own widget.


By using Novochat, you can integrate messaging apps into a single dashboard. There are currently 4 different messaging platforms you can add in Novochat; Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and LINE.

Some Tidbits to Customize Novochat Widget

Configure Widget Design

Novochat allows you to customize widget design that suits your brand identity and personal preference. You will be able to add a logo, change the tagline, and have full control over the used colors.

To change your widget appearance:

  1. Navigate to the Chat Button page > Multi-channel > Settings

  2. Turn on the 'Activate multi-channel button' toggle


  3. Once the toggle is turned on, you'll be able to customize the logo, color, and title. You can also preview the customized widget on the right side


Edit Channels

You can decide which messaging channels to show in the Novochat widget.

  1. From the same Multi-channel page, open the Channels tab

  2. Tick the channels you want to show in the widget


  3. Widget will change according to the setting

Configure Widget Display

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